We Seek to Understand Through Research

We do historical research but we are more than researchers. We are knowledge-seekers.

Who We Are

Our firm is made up of friendly history nerds located in Ottawa and has been performing historical research and analysis since 1983.

We discover and manage information

Our Clients

We have worked for a variety of clients, including First Nation governments, Indigenous organizations, commissions, law firms, various departments as well as branches of the federal government and provincial governments.

Several research projects have been joint projects between First Nations and other parties, such as government or corporations.

We uncover documents to answer questions

What We Do

We strive to provide clients with high-quality research products, analysis and advice. Our research is based on a wide variety of sources, including primary documents, published sources and oral and living history. We have extensive knowledge of the litigation process and complex jurisdictional, historical, constitutional, legal, political and cross-cultural environments affecting litigation strategies.