The JHA team has long experience and expertise in historical research. Each contributes their own unique skills and talents.
Let us introduce you…

Adrienne Hickling

M.A. | Senior Editor & Research Analyst

Alex Lajeunesse

BPAPM | Research Assistant


B.A. Hons. | Senior Project Manager & Analyst

Carol Hodgson

M.A. | Senior Research Analyst

Charlotte Grant


Elizabeth Jay

B.A. Hons. | Research Assistant

Fabian Mugny

M.A. | Senior Researcher

Ginevra (Ginny) Sadlier

M.A. | Editorial & Research Assistant

Grae Taylor

B.A. | Office Manager

Hans Lo

M.A. | Senior Researcher & Project Supervisor

Heather Wilson

B.A. | Database & Administrative Coordinator

Joan Holmes

M.A. | President & Founder

Joanne Barton

B.A. Hons., PLCGS | Genealogical Researcher

Judith Smith

PhD. | Researcher

Julia Monorchio

B.A. Hons. | Researcher

Krista Sandusky

M.A. | Research Analyst

Laura Leslie

B.A. Hons.| Researcher & Co-op Student Supervisor

Robert Perch

B.A. | Researcher

Sheila McCullough

B.A. | Researcher

Tara J. Smock

B.A. | President

Thea Lewis

M.A. | Researcher

Trevor Halpenny

B.A. | Research Assistant

Vanessa Sevc

B.A. Hons. | Senior Researcher & Project Supervisor