• Crown-First Nation Treaty Relations
  • Pre- and post-Confederation treaties and treaty adhesions across Canada
  • Pre-Confederation land transactions
  • Treaty land entitlement policy and practice
  • Treaty annuity payments and values
  • Agricultural, ammunition and twine, Chiefs’ and Councillors’ salaries and clothing, medicine chest, and other provisions and rights under treaty

Establishment of Reserve Lands and Land Entitlement

  • Establishment of reserve lands under treaty and legislation
  • Maritime, Québec, British Columbia Indian reserve policy
  • Jointly-held reserves (haylands, fishing stations, farms)
  • Claims to land in severalty
  • On-reserve landholding systems

Off-Reserve Land and Water Rights

  • Traditional use and occupation
  • Flooding claims
  • Title to lakes and waterbeds
  • Establishment of parks and Indigenous use thereof

Federal and Provincial Policy and Legislation Affecting Indigenous Rights

  • Women under the Indian Act
  • Band creation and elections under the Indian Act
  • Effects of provincial and federal legislation on hunting, fishing, trapping and harvesting rights
  • Effects of federal legislation on border crossing and trading rights
  • Impact of the Natural Resources Transfer Agreements
  • Historical development of federal and provincial policies and programs concerning Indigenous peoples
  • Crown financial responsibility and financial management
  • Constitutional jurisdiction of programs and services
  • Veteran’s rights
  • Impacts of various court decisions

We Seek to Understand Through Research

Other Indigenous Research Issues

  • Management, collection and expenditure of Indian monies
  • Arctic and Inuit land rights, relocations, community and school establishment
  • Education/schools
  • Health issues
  • Housing issues
  • Investigations and biographies concerning specific Indian Affairs officials
  • Research training manuals and methodological guides on Indigenous issues

Indigenous Governance and Membership Issues

  • Genealogical and band membership studies
  • Leadership and membership customs
  • Self-Government
  • Histories of specific status, non-status, mixed ancestry and Métis communities across Canada
  • Band amalgamations, splits and membership issues
  • Impact of development projects on Indigenous communities
  • Natural resource rights (in particular minerals, timber, water and fisheries)
  • Eligibility for inclusion in treaties
  • Recognition of new rights-bearing groups

Reserve Takings

  • Land sales and leases
  • Sub-surface rights claims
  • Timber claims
  • Expropriation of Indian reserve lands for roads, power and telephone lines, seaways and canals, railways and other uses

Other Litigation Issues

  • Environmental issues
  • Language rights
  • Constitutional Issues
  • Fishing issues